Sam & T.J. || Television

Since leaving the house wasn’t exactly an option, Sam had found an old sketch book after a long time searching; and she sat with that on the couch in the living room. She stared at the blank page, humming softly to herself as her imagination strayed to uncharted worlds. 'What to draw, what to draw..' With a calm glance, she eyed the television. The annoyance that was some reality show filled the empty room with idiotic laughter, and that seemed quite distracting to someone who was trying to focus. Her soft glance turned into a glare and suddenly, with an electrical pop - the television fused out. She blinked a few times, then darted her eyes back to the sketchpad before her. The smallest grin appeared on her face as she let her imagination wonder calmly, still unsure of what to fill the page with.. but soon her mind wandered back to the fact that she just fused out the television. Haunting electronics was just the thing she took on, like her own specialty. Although her shy, sweet nature often made her resist from doing such things, when she was alone she loved to practice the things she could do to scare someone if the occasion called for it.